Agnew to Cowgill

This section is very popular with campus explorers for a number of reasons. First it is one of the largest continuous sections of tunnel in the campus, and for the most part is very spacious to walk through. There are a number of side tunnels going out from this run as well, leading to Derring hall basement, and the crawl space under Burruss. Another good thing about this section is that the entrances and exits are on the academic side of campus where it is unlikely to find many people late at night. We would reccomend this section of tunnel to anyone that wants to check out the tunnels for the first time. The BS crew has done this section at least five times, here are some of our trip logs:

THe BS CREW'S Third Trip

It was a cold windy night when we decided to take our third trip. It was the morning of February 2, 2002. There was Something different about this trip. The BS 2002 Crew wasn't going alone. We were accompanied by an experienced tunneler know as the Tick. We met the Tick in the Smyth archway at 1am. As I said earlier it was a very cold night so we were all anxious to get into the hot tunnels. We dropped in shortly after we met. Since this was our first time in this section of tunnel we let the Tick lead. He knows this section very well. As soon as we were all in the tunnel we took a right and checked out a small room. Since there wasn't much in there we decided to begin our journey underground. This section of tunnel was nice and open with about 6' ceilings. This tunnel took us under the west end of the drill field to Davidson. We crossed under Davidson and took a right and went along under the sidewalk in front of Robeson and Pamplin. We were soon under Burruss. There was a side tunnel that went over to a door that was a crawlspace under Burruss. Beside this door was a ladder. This ladder led up to a chained down grate. On the other side of that grate is another crawlspace at the front side of Burruss. After checking out this small side tunnel we pushed onward. We took a left in between Burruss and Norris. This is were the tunnel got hotter. Soon we were to a side ladder that went down to the basement of Derring. We climed down the ladder and went into a small tight side tunnel. Sadly when we got to the end of this tunnel there was a locked gate. We looked through the gate and saw Derring's basement. Since the gate was locked we backtracked to the main tunnel. By this time we were almost to the end of the run. We were following the pipe system and the tunnel took a right. Sadly, that was the end of the tunnel. We broke out the paint and left our tag. We exited soon after. It was a flawless run. Our thanks goes to the Tick for an awesome run!

The BS CREW'S Fourth Trip

Last night (February 22, 2002) Thor and I went back to check out the tunnels on the academic side of campus once again, because we were so impressed with their size compared to the ones on the dorm side that we had already explored. Before we dropped in we walked over to Hahn to check out all the digging that have been going on over there. While we were looking I saw a cop pull into the parking lot, so we walked out of the area quickly. From there we went to the grate beside Agnew and dropped in. We tried to go right, but a gate that was open two weeks ago had be closed and locked. We went down a sub tunnel that was slightly lower than the main tunnel, but it did not go very far. Heading towards the academic side of campus we took the next side tunnel to our right that is hard to find if you are not looking for it and went back under Price Hall. There was a small chamber where tunnel terminated and we looked around it some. While Thor was looking at a piece of pipe, without warning it began to spurt steam and water. It scared the hell out of both of us, him especially, but luckily he didnít get burnt. We hastily headed back to the main tunnel after that little episode. From there we just took out time through the tunnel taking some pictures and leaving a few tags. When we got to the short side tunnel to Burruss I wanted to check out the door, for hope that it was unlocked. The door was not unlocked but the grate that covers the way into the crawl space under the building was unlocked and pushed partly out of the way. We did not waste much time getting up there and checking it out. The room was smaller than I expected and had a small tunnel leading out of it towards the center of the building but that was locked. We did however find some neat old trash. On the way down the ladder one of the rungs came out of the wall almost completely right in my hand. I tried to stick my hand through the hole in the door and get some pictures of what was around it, but couldnít find much out. From there we continued farther back into the tunnel. This is where it started to get hot, just like the last time. The same tools and spools of wire were where we had last seen them. We backtracked a bit to the sub tunnel to the Derring basement, but the gate into the building was unfortunately locked. We figured that we had seen just about everything in this section now, so we exited from the tunnels.

The BS CREW'S Fifth Trip

March 24 2002 we finally got back into the tunnels, Thor and I brought along a friend to show around some. Our main objective for the night was to get into GBJ and eventually up on top of the roof (stopping at Burger King on the way of course). We dropped in at Agnew a little past 2AM, we were travelling pretty light since we wanted to explore some buildings later. Didnt spend much time underground, we just went up to Burruss then turned around. After pointing out a few highlights to our friend we exited and went ahead into some buildings.

September 8, 2002

Toured from Barringer to the Chapel, taking notice of the Vawter basement exit Tick told me about along the way (will have to try it out some time). No noticeable changes in this section. We spent much time in the Agnew-Cowgill run. The highlight was seeing the newly finished tunnel to the building being constructed behind Hahn Hall. About 150 yards of new tunnel in my estimation. Entirely pre-fabricated concrete sections, mostly the same height as the orginal Derring tunnel. This section begins where the old tunnel used to make a 90 degree right turn and put the basement in view. Now making that turn will not be very easy since the pipes continue straight ahead, blocking the old tunnel. Thats about it for this night of tunneling, had a crazy idea when I was dropping in though; getting on the roof of Price Hall, it would be as simple as climbing around the cage on the parking lot side staircase, might be scary though, plus exposure is high. Maybe one night though.

October 25, 2002

It was a cold October friday night. I was running with two newbies. Mattail and Jay. They both seemed pretty excited to be going tunneling. So I took them on the easiest run, Agnew to Cowgill. We dropped in around 1am. We began making our way down every subtunnel. I showed them everything there was to show. We eventually made it to the Derring basement subtunnel. I was pretty excited about that because I wasn't able to when Chong went earlier. This was the first time I got to see the new section of tunnel. Chong was right, it is very clean. Shortly after seeing the new section we exited. Other than the new section of tunnel this was a pretty uneventful trip.

April 7, 2003

Some one contacted me through this website about wanting to get started on tunneling, so we dropped in at Agnew around 11 PM. The gate going back toward Agnew was locked as usual. We made the entire run, including the new subtunnel (which I ment to bring a marker to leave a tag at but forgot). Nothing had changed since the last time I was here. This is a good section to show someone new around in because it is not nearly as cramped as the other sections, but it is starting to get a little boring now. Had a little scare from a teacher while we were coming out, but no big deal.