Barringer to Cassell

This was the first section of tunnel that we explored, and as we found out later one of the worst sections. This section actually continues past Barringer and turns to run right under the road all the way to Mcbryde, and eventually the power plant. But after walking from Cassell to Barringer hunched over the whole way, you will probably have had enough. There are however, side tunnels, that are known to lead into the basements of Pritchard and Lee Halls. Here are the trip logs from our runs of this section:

THe BS CREW'S First Trip

Finally on January 18, 2002 We took our first dive into the void. We left Pritchard around 1 AM, not the best time on a Friday night, and headed to Cassell to go in beside the tree to the left of the front door. There were people coming back from parties and some guy got to the tree before us and stood there forever taking a piss. We left Cassell and headed down to Barringer to go in where there werenít so many people. We finally managed to get in around quarter till two. Under ground we headed towards Cassell because we werenít sure of an exit in the other direction. We quickly made a right turn and walked underneath the sidewalk until we were just past Pritchard. The ceiling was four to five feet tall in this section, and there were only two other tunnels on the right side of the main tunnel heading towards Lee and Pritchard. Other than this there was not much in this section except for some discarded workers gloves and a couple of beer bottles. When we got the Pritchard side tunnel, the main passage made a left turn and cut under the street. At this point the pipes running along the right side starting making some strange and loud noises, Thor and I took off around that turn, made a right and continued squat running until the noise quit. At that point we were at another left turn in the tunnel, we stopped here for a water break and left our tag. Just after we had snapped some pics, there was a lot of noise around the turn. Some people were opening the grate at Cassell! We gathered our stuff and got ready to cut out the long way back. We listened for a while and determined that they were not cops, and were scared to climb down. So Thor began tapping some pipes, and I said "Hey, you kids, what are you doing down here?" Apparently it worked because they climbed back out and closed the grate. After that we came to the entrance room, it was filled with lots of tags from years past. Then we cautiously popped out at the front corner of Cassell.


November 1, 2002

It was the first night in November, a very cold night. We parked the car at a friends place due to the football game parking situation, and we began walking towards Cassell. That is a very long walk when it is about 20 degrees outside. We dropped in about 1am. It was me and Mattail. I would like to remind you that the Cassell to Barringer section is pretty hot and very cramped. But this didn't discourage Mattail. He was really excited to get to go again. We got to the Pritchard subtunnel in no time. So we decided to try to squeeze under the pipes and check out what laid beyond. It was a tight fit but we made it through. Sadly we didn't have a camera with us so we will make another trip soon to document it. It opens to a large room with very high ceilings. The dirt floor was interesting since it is sloped at about a 45 degree angle. There was lots of stuff just lying around on the floor, including a desk in the back corner. Beside the desk there was a ladder leading down beside a bundle of pipes. It descends about 12 feet to a much smaller room. It is the same length but the ceiling is much lower. There really wasn't much in that room so we decided to go back to the main tunnel and push onward. Before long we were to the Lee subtunnel. Since we had experience success on the earlier subtunnel we decided to check out the Lee basement. There was a large puddle of water just before you get into the basement. The Lee basement is about the same size as the Pritchard on but it has alot cooler stuff in it, including several new unused urinals. After a few minutes in this section we headed on. I showed Mattail the Barringer basement and the Miles mechanical room. Then we decided to try the Vawter basement directly above the steam discharge. It went off without a hitch. There wasn't much exciting in the Vawter room. It is virtually the same thing as the Miles mechanical room. There was alot more water in this section of the tunnel due to the extreme amount of rain we have received recently.

November 9, 2002

Thor and I dropped in at Barringer and headed straight for Lee Hall, after already having gone from Barringer to the Power Plant in the same night. We hurried along to Lee and squeezed under the pipes on the wall to access the Lee basement. From there we exited through a door that took us into a storage closet, and then out into the hall.

Additional Trip Information

Many possible entrances/exits for this section. Can enter behind the tree in front of Cassell or the grate between Barringer and Miles. After you are in the tunnel, we have confirmed that you can enter Pritchard, Lee, Miles, and Vawter, that means you could leave from any of those buildings. Further more you can continue to exit from the chapel, an exit that has been worrying about over-use lately. Going farther past the Chapel there are some tight fits but it is possible to reach the power plant.