Barringer to McBryde and Beyond

This section of tunnel is usually done in conjunction with the Cassell to Barringer section. As soon as you enter this section there is a high side tunnel that leads right into the Miles basement room, this is a good place to stop and get a coke after you have walked hunchbacked from Cassell. Not much farther down you can access the side tunnel to Barringer's basement via a hole in the ceiling (so far the actual door into the basement has always been locked for us). After this there is usually water on the floor, never more than a couple of inches. In the middle of the wet section there is a large steam discharge that should be minded when passing by. After that there are few hazards and some fairly interesting side tunnels to the library, and the chapel exit. If you continue past the chapel side tunnel the tunnel quickly gets very hot, but you can go a good distance before you encounter pipes criscrossing the tunnel. We are currently exploring what lies beyond those pipes. Here are our trip logs from this section of tunnel:

The BS CREW'S Second Trip

On Janurary 27th at 1:30 AM we made our second trip to the steam tunnels. We dropped in at Barringer just as we had the week previous, but this time we headed towards the chapel (our intended exit). The tunnel was very low, hot, and cramped for about 100 yards. We saw some side cuts to Miles and Newman, but didn't try to squeeze into any of them. When we were close to being past Vawter, I estimate, we found the steam discharge that I had read about. We actually heard it a while back, saw the steam spurting out, and mistook it for a person listening to a walkie talkie or a scanner. We kept edging closer until we determined that it was not a person. We studied the discharge pipe but could not find a discernable pattern. So we took turns getting as close as possible, waiting for it to shoot, and scrambling past. With that behind us the next section of the tunnel had a good amount of water in the floor, about an inch deep in the worst places. But there were boards in some places (put down by workers I guess) to walk on. After the wet section we came to a little room with lots of equipment in it. There was a manhole leading up to the Hokie Grill, and a hole so that you could see a large open area under the Grill. We left a tag here, but the spray nozzle broke, and made a mess. After we left the tunnel was still a little cramped but cooler than before. Soon we were at the point were the tunnel goes under the road between Eggelston and the Library. There was a pretty open area with a ladder going up to the tunnel that continued on to the right. We had to only go a little ways then make a left to run under the sidewalk and parallel to Torgeson. We got the side tunnel to the Chapel pretty quickly and went down it but couldn't find a sure exit, only what we guessed was the motion detector door. So we backtracked from there and continued towards McBryde. There were lots of side manholes in this section but it kept getting warmer until we got to a point where lots of pipes crossed the tunnel and we could see the tunnel making a right turn ahead. We guessed that turn would take us right to the Power Plant (and more heat). So we turned around and headed back to Barringer. We made alot faster time since we knew what to expect, and got out around 3 AM.


November 1, 2002

Going on past the Barringer/Miles/Vawter area we eventually reached the section of tunnel beside Mcbryde that we previously thought to be impassible. We were wrong. We slipped by pretty easily on closer inspection. It leads directly to the basement of the Power plant. The gate leading there was unlocked but since there is always someone working in the plant we decided not to go in. So we headed back. As we returned to the blockage Mattail noticed a subtunnel leading off toward Randolph. So we decided to check it out. The steam pipe is huge at this point because it is so close to the plant. It is an extremely tight fit going under the pipe and is much easier just to climb over. This somewhat of a tight tunnel. There are lots of pipes and subtunnel down this way. We found two subtunnels that lead to mechanical rooms under Randolph. Neither of them were very eventful. There was also a tunnel that leads to what I believe might be Holden but sadly the pipes are too tight to fit through. We didn't go all the way down this tunnel due to time restrictions. We are already planning another trip to investigate this section more thoroughly. And this time we will remember the camera.

September 8, 2002

Look in the September 8, 2002 heading in the Agnew-Cowgill section, for this account.

November 9, 2002

Wanting to see what Thor had discovered last weekend me(Chong), along with Mattial, and Jason dropped into the tunnels at Barringer, after waiting out a snoopy camups watch guy. The four of us made quick time. Thor confirmed that the water along the Vawter/Hokie Grill area was even higher than it was last weekend, it was certianly alot more than I have even seen down there. We passed the chapel going into tunnel that we had previously regarded as dead end. Coming to the section we had labeled as impassible Thor pointed out a sub tunnel to the left. Even though it was very hot right here the pipes were well insulated, and we were able to slip past. From that point it was not very far to the open gate of the power plant. I snapped a few pictures through the gate, but we did not enter. From there we doubled back to the afore mentioned sub tunnel. This tunnel went on a very good ways with more sub tunnels branching out on both sides, we speculate at least on of them goes to Holden Hall. The tunnel was a good height, but you had to walk sideways most of the time because of a large pipe on the right side. I was pretty disapointed when we got the end and were not able to access Burruss halls crawl space, or connect up to the Agnew/Cowgill section of tunnel.

April 8,2002

Tonight I met Tick at 11 to drop in at Barringer. There sure were alot of people walking around for it being such a cold and rainy night, so it took us a while before we could open the grate. We jetted up to where the side tunnel branches off toward Burruss. The water around Vawter was no higher then normal, but after we crossed under the road there was water everywhere. We went up to the power plant and peeked into the two gates, the large one was locked this time. We headed back to the side tunnel, to negotiate the massive hot pipe covering the entrance. Tick went under, I went over. I paid more careful attention to the side tunnels this time, there is one on the left that goes to either Holden or Norris. That side tunnel looks to be completely impossible to get into. On the right side of the tunnel three tunnels run off to buildings, two go to Randolph , and one goes to Hancock. All three of these side tunnels are possible to enter, with some squeezing of course.

April 9,2002

Showed a new friend this section of tunnel tonight. The water was a whole lot lower than the night before, and a manhole cover that Tick was talking about popping up in the tunnel floor had been opened. This looked to be nothing more than a massive drain for the tunnel, it went straight down and was all filled with water. It is kind of weird to think that someone was down there so close when I was down there twice within 24 hours.