Down Town Tunnel / Strubble's Creek

This is some of the oldest and creepiest tunnel in the area, it runs underneath The Lyric, Sharky's, and eventually to the Fire Station. The reason for the tunnels existence is the cover the creek the runs under downtown and under the drill field to the Duck Pond. The creek is usually knee deep at the deepest spots, but that will depend on how much rain/snow has happened lately. The floor is stream bed so, rocks, bricks, sticks, and some garbage, makes walking slightly difficult. The side walls are mostly poured concrete or brick walls. The ceiling is the floors of the buildings the stream runs underneath, so you can hear people walking etc. Here are the trip logs from our runs of this section:

March 16, 2002

Tick asked me at the last minute if I wanted to go along with him on this section of tunnel, and I jumped at the chance. We went underground just a little after 10 on a Sunday night. I was very impressed with the age of the tunnel, and the way it went right underneath of buildings. I didn't get many pictures, but don't fret, I will be dragging Thor along on this section soon.


March 23, 2003

We went through this section of tunnel pretty fast tonight. Had just a little bit of trouble getting out because of people walking around at the exit, but I don't think that we were really noticed. I got a couple new pictures, I always forget to take pictures because I am trying to keep my camera dry I guess.


April 27, 2003

We went in around 10PM and spent about an hour underneath downtown, mostly looking at all the old junk down there. Treasures included: an old AC unit, a soccer ball, a NES cartridge, a headrest from a barber shop chair, and piles of assorted bottles. Not too much else of excitment on this trip.


Additional Trip Information

The water you have to wade through, may be very cold, depending on the weather, so be careful. Also look for the cool graffiti dating from 1919, the drain you can peek out of and see the front of Sharkys, and possible hidden trap doors!