West Campus Drive Tunnels

This is in my opinion the hardest section of tunnel to enter on campus, even more so than the upper quad because of all the traffic in the area. The best way to get in is from Litton Reeves but as of late that door has been locked. So now the grate in the work site is the best entrance. The tunnel goes from the green houses to Hillcrest and also to a manhole in front of McComas.

The BS CREW'S Sixth Trip

Once again the BS Crew Teamed up with The Tick to do some tunneling. He showed us the final big section of the tunnel we have not yet accessed. This section was pretty unremarkable in my opinion, several sections were some what cramped. Although we did notice some features that will merit future trips to the area to check out, like a pipe heading towards McComas that a small person could fit through, and a set of stairs we could see underneath Hillcreast Hall. We didnt get any pictures on this run, on a future trip we will get a few, there will be a more detailed account to come.

May 8, 2003

After many failed attempts to access this section of tunnel again tonight we were successful. We entered through the grate inside the construction zone around midnight. It was hard getting across the site with so many cars driving by but after lots of stopping and hiding we made it. It was hot throughout most of the tunnel. I got a good amount of pictures so they are all up now. After exiting through Litton Reeves we went to the Upper Quad Tunnels, look in the Upper Quad Log, and the Upper Quad Pics for new content.