Roof Tops

November 8, 2002

Well Thor and Chong finally got around to some of our own roof-top exploring. We set out for Engel and Fralin rooftops, but could not enter either of the buidings. From there we headed to Price Hall, Taking the outside staircase to the top, we were about to climb around the safety cage and onto the roof. Then Thor noticed that the door, even though it didnt have a handle on the outside, was unlocked and easy to open by gripping the edge. From the top floor we found a window going out to the sloped part of the roof. It was a tight squeeze, and a little scary climbing the ice covered shingles to the top. The roof was fairly large and offered a nice view across the drill-field.

Next we found the front door of Sandy Hall open, but not much inside. So headed next door to Seitz and found an open door, we wandered around the connected buildings, Seitz, Smyth, Agnew, and Hutcheson. We found the floor that had been split into two floors for TA offices, amd we found the hatch to the Hutcheson roof locked. The hatch to Seitz roof was open though.

From there we headed to Williams Hall to have a look at the renovations. After hopping the fence, which was an adventure in its self, we got inside through a window and found two gems. On the third floor of the mostly gutted building we found the complete blue-prints for the rennovations. They were interesting and fairly detailed. As we were leaving, Thor stumbled over the ladder leading to the roof, it was wide open, about a 3 foot wall around most of it, pretty open as far as ducts and exhaust equipment.

Our last stop was the new building beside Derring Hall. It was simple to get into. We were headed for the roof but stopped in on the first floor to look at something resembling a hot tub cast into part of the floor. Later we went to the top floor and found the roof hatch, but short of setting up a ladder it was inaccesable. But we did find our second set of blue-prints of the night.

March 12, 2003

Exploring solo that night I really wanted to see the view from the top of the new Chem Builing, access to the top was a simple matter. Since being up there I am now even more excited about the possiblity of accessing the roofs of Hahn, Robeson, and Pamplin, from this roof. Since all of these buildings connect the roofs will theoretically connect too, at least I hope so. Right now there is about a 1 foot gap and a 10 foot drop to get onto the roof of Hahn, a ladder will probably be installed soon.

March 23, 2003

We wanted to get on the roof of Williams Hall tonight to watch the fireworks, but due to lots of cops in the area we figured we should not try to get up there. So we went to my new favorite roof, the New Chem Building. There was a good view from up there. The roof still does not connect up to the Hahn Hall roof.