Upper Quad Tunnels

This section of tunnel is fairly inaccessable, but more expansive than we had orginally thought. The main portions of the tunnel run from the power plant to Schultz, and Henderson Halls. There is a fairly deep pit where the tunnel splits off to go to Henderson, it is possible to climb down into the approximately 15 foot deep chasm, but the tunnel continuing from that point is intolerably hot. Another point of interest is an entrance to the power plant. Here are our logs os this section so far:

March 1, 2003

The first night of spring break Thor and I figured it would be safe to get into the relativly exposed entrances to the upper quad tunnels. We had to wait out some people in a nearby window, but got in safely. I think we covered the entire area, and I will be adding it to the map after I confirm some turns, etc. The pictures did not turn out so well, because the lens kept fogging up, but hopefully there will be more to come.


May 8, 2003

After doing West Campus Drive Thor and I dropped into this section around 1 AM for the last section of tunnel we would explore together for possibly a long time, since Thor will not be back next semester. The main thing that happened on this trip was that I burnt the fuck out of my hand. The picture does not do the pain justice at all. Which brings me to my next point, it only takes one second of carelessness to get hurt, respect the tunnels. Got a few new pictures of this part too.


Additional Trip Information

Would not reccommend this section as a beginner tunnel, mostly cramped, and poor entrances/exits.